How to make a 3-tier cupcake cake stand


Cake. Mmm… Eddie loves the stuff and if it was up to him it would be all he eats.
In the absence of the real deal, he decided to make cupcakes out of junk and a few craft supplies. His beloved cousin Connie helped out.

What we used
3 paper plates
1 wrapping paper tube
Strong glue
For cupcakes, use whatever suitable junk you have.
For inspiration, we used:
Bottle lids (from orange juice and milk)
Yoghurt and chocolate mousse pots
Brown pipe-cleaners (for chocolate nests)
Foam eggs
Foam stickers
Yellow tissue paper, scrunched up
Cupcake cases

How we made it
For the columns, we used a wrapping paper tube, rather than toilet rolls, as it has thicker walls so more surface area to glue it to the paper plates. We cut the tube into two even lengths, using a bread knife (probably not good for the knife, but it made an excellent saw).
We used a strong glue to fix the three paper plates to the tubes, trying to line everything up as evenly as possible.
Once dry, we decorated the column by gluing on a ribbon.
We then had lots of fun making cupcakes out of any pieces of junk that looked vaguely cake-like!


One thought on “How to make a 3-tier cupcake cake stand

  1. Marianne February 27, 2015 / 5:19 pm

    Love it… Could almost eat them!

    Liked by 1 person

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