How to make a toy camera

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Bad Mummy wouldn’t let Eddie take his camera into school to play with at break time. So he decided to make one instead. It was to be police camera to take photos of “bad guys” for the wanted list. He drew pictures of his friends who will apparently be happy to play the baddies.

What we used

  • Small box
  • Bottle lid for lens
  • Clear plastic from food packaging
  • Coloured card
  • Optional: Duct tape to decorate
  • Scissors and craft knife

How we made it

  1. Before you tape down the open top of the box, cut a rectangular hole in the back for the view finder, place clear plastic over it and secure with sticky tape.
  2. Draw round the lid you are using for the lens. Pierce the centre of the circle and cut to form flaps. Push the lid in (we fixed it in place with sticky tape – inside and outside the box).
  3. Now you can tape shut the opened end of the box. Using a craft knife, a slit in the top of the box, towards the back. Cut pieces of coloured card to fit, with tabs on the top so they can be easily pulled out. Draw pictures.
  4. We decorated the box with Duct tape and added a foam button. As Eddie’s is a police camera, he added black and white checks with coloured tape.

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