Our visit to Mini-Scrapbox

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Who knew a place like this existed? Mini-Scrapbox in Reepham is a junk-modeller’s heaven. Eddie certainly thought so when we visited today, having been invited by owner Jim Elliot who spotted the kindred spirit on Mustard TV.

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Jim gave us a warm and cheery welcome and introduced us to Delia the Crocodile, made from bubble wrap and yoghurt pots, and the Mighty Klang the dragon, with its shiny scales made from CDs.

Clearly as crazy about craft as Eddie, Jim gave us a guided tour of shelf after shelf packed with “waste” products just begging to be transformed. One of roughly 100 scrapstores in the country, Mini-Scrapbox relieves landfill space, which is running out in Norfolk, by collecting and storing a wide variety of materials, mainly donated by companies. There is card, fabrics, zips, wool, foam, plastic cartons, bottle tops, paint brushes, tubing, balloons, sticky backed plastic, springs, mini torches… Jim has been collecting for the past 19 years!

Materials are bought at affordable prices by community groups and organisations as well as individuals. There is an annual membership fee of £8 for a family, then the only limit is your imagination.

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If you are stuck for inspiration, there are junk creations dotted about made by local schools and Jim and his team of volunteers. There is even a book called Funky Junk, featuring some imaginative creations made with materials from Mini-Scrapbox.

Eddie left a very happy boy with a basket full of goodies and a mind full of craft projects. Watch this space…

Mini-Scrapbox, 6 Collers Way, Norwich, NR10 4SW, 01603 873128. Open Wednesday 3pm-7pm and Saturday 10am-2pm. Closed August. http://www.mini-scrapbox.co.uk/

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One thought on “Our visit to Mini-Scrapbox

  1. Sarah Cassels January 31, 2015 / 10:23 pm

    I never knew this place existed, thanks for posting about your trip 🙂


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