How to make a mountain rescue truck


This is rather more involved than our previous creations, but it has been a big hit with Eddie and his brother Oscar, who have put it into action rescuing action figures from dangerous kitchen worktops.

What we used

  • Small child’s shoebox
  • Strong sticky tape (we used electrical tape)
  • Four milk carton lids (wheels)
  • Two pencils (wheel axle)
  • Clear plastic food tray (can’t remember what its former life was – sorry!)
  • Coloured paper and, if you have it, foam and felt
  • Cotton reel
  • String
  • Wire

How we made it

  1. Choose a clear plastic food tray that fits across the shoebox’s width. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, but if you do it makes a good windscreen and windows. Eddie wanted this to lift up so that he could put the driver and his team inside the truck. The bonnet and boot of the car were made by attaching a cardboard panel over the front and rear of the truck, cut to size so that the plastic tray fits neatly between them. Attach the pieces of cardboard with strong sticky tape (we used green electrical tape). We fixed a frame for the windscreen, cut from food packaging, to the bonnet and attached the plastic tray to it with sticky tape. Eddie added a foam roof, which we glued on. Phew!
  2. We cut side doors and a boot into the shoebox using a craft knife.
  3. Wheel axles were made by first marking on the box where you want the centre of wheels/milk lids to be, making sure that they are all at equal height. Pierce to create a hole big enough to slide a pencil through. Make a hole in the milk lids with a craft knife, post the pencil ends through and secure with strong sticky tape wrapped round the visible end of the pencil.
  4. The winch was made by winding string around a cotton reel which was attached to the truck using gardener’s wire. Then we decorated the truck with mountain rescue badges and strips of yellow felt.

IMG_3997 IMG_3996


One thought on “How to make a mountain rescue truck

  1. Marianne January 30, 2015 / 10:23 pm

    You are getting very ambitious. This must have taken quite a lot of effort and time. You will soon need a larger room to store all the creations!


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