How to make an ice-cream bath toy


In Norfolk we like to “do different”… So instead of an ice-cream van, on the Norfolk Broads you can chance upon a boat selling locally made Aldous ice cream. Eddie decided to have a go at making his own ice-cream boat, with a “freezer” trailer. Having cut out cones, scoops and sticks from coloured foam, Eddie and his brother had a lovely time building ice cream and lollies on the side of the bath.

What we used

  • Two margarine tubs
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Drinking straw
  • Coloured foam
  • Strong sticky tape
  • Scissors

How we made it

  1. Join the margarine tubs together using a pipe cleaner (we made slits to post the pipe cleaner through using a craft knife).
  2. Cut out triangles of yellow and brown foam for plain and chocolate cones.
    Cut out circles of foam with one straight edge for the ice cream scoops. We also cut out shapes for flakes, lolly sticks, and strips of ice lolly to be built into one.
  3. The Aldous ice cream boat has a giant ice cream on the front, so we attached (with strong sticky tape) a foam cone, scoop and flake to our mast (made from a straw stuck inside the margarine boat with sticky tape).

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